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Beberapa artikel dari excelmasterseries.com berupa bahasan dasar dari penggunaan MS Excel untuk statistika cukup menarik. Berikut beberapa yang (menurut saya) paling menarik di antara semua artkel dari situs tersebut.


Graphing the Normal Distribution in Excel with User Interactivity

How To Twitter Better With a Histogram in Excel

Every Hypothesis Test Done in Excel in 4 Steps

The 22 Most Common Statistical Errors

The Normality Test Simple and Done in Excel

t Tests – How To Use the t Test in Excel To Find Out If Your New Marketing Worked

+ Nonparametric Tests – When Should The Marketer Use Them

+ Nonparametric Tests – How To Do The 4 Most Important Ones in Excel

+ Nonparametric Tests – Completed Examples in Excel

+ Use the Excel t Test To Find Out What the Best Days To Sell Are

+ Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test – Excel’s Most Robust (and Easiest) Normality Test

+ Correctable Reasons Why Your Data is Not Normally Distributed

+ Excel’s Most Basic Forecasting Tool – The Simple Moving Average

+ The Weighted Moving Average – An Accurate, Simple Excel Forecasting Tool

+ Normal Distribution Excel Functions – The 4 Most Important

+ Using Normal Distribution in Excel To Find Sales Limits

+ Excel Model Building – Experts vs. Non-Experts

+ Is SPC Limited By The Central Limit Theorem?



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