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Using the Location Bar

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Using the Location Bar

The file browser’s location bar can show either a location field, a button bar, or a search field. Each is useful in different situations.

  • Button bar

    By default the button bar is shown. This shows a row of buttons representing the current location’s hierarchy, with a button for each containing folder. Click on the button to jump between folders in the hierarchy. You can return to the original folder, which is shown as the last button in the row.

    You can also drag buttons, for example to another location, in order to copy a folder.

    Figure 6-6The button bar.
  • Text Location Bar

    The text location bar shows the current location as a text path, for example: ‘/home/user/Documents’. The location field is particularly useful for jumping to a known folder very quickly.

    To go to a new location, type a new path or edit the current one, then press Enter. The path field automatically completes what you are typing when there is only one possibility. To accept the suggested completion, press Tab.

    To always use the text location bar, click on the toggle button at the left of the location bar.

    To quickly switch to the text location bar while using the button bar, press Ctrl+L, choose Go ▸ Location, or press Leading Slash (/) to type a path from the root directory. The location bar shows the location buttons again after you press Enter or cancel with Escape.

    Figure 6-7The location bar.
  • Search bar

    By pressing Ctrl+F or selecting the Search toolbar button the search bar appears. For more information on searching see Section 6.5 ― Searching For Files. The search bar is excellent for locating files of folders when you are not sure of their exact location.

    Figure 6-8The button bar.


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