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Google+ to RSS Feed

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Google+ to RSS Feed

Just add your google user id to this url like this http://googleplusrss.nodester.com/118004117219257714873 and it will give you your raw rss feed. You can get your user id by logging into your Google+ account and clicking on your name. The url in the browser will have a long number which is your user id. It will look like this.

Google+ User ID

This site is still in beta so it might go down from time to time. If you have any issues please submit a issue to Github Issues.

I had to up the cache to 60 minutes so we don’t run out of API calls in a single day.

Currently Working On:

  1. Getting it to use Google API as the hacked way isn’t working anymore.
  2. A job doing Node.js so I can stop wasting my time with M$ programming. 🙂

Thank you for taking a look and hope you find the service good.

JT Web Man (Jeff Turner)
On Github

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