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Meet Arduino 1.0: The Official Software Release Is Here | PCWorld

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[Photo: arduino.cc]

I have to admit I am fascinated with Arduino, the microcontroller that allows you to build all sorts of devices and projects. Awesome examples of Arduino’s application include the µWave microwave that play YouTube videos while your food cooks and the eSleeper cat bed that glows when a cat enters it.

While people have been using Arduino hardware and software for a while now, to make some of the coolest things I’ve seen, up until now the software has been in beta. On November 30, the official Arduino blog posted that Arduino 1.0 is available for download.

Many updates have come with version 1.0, including changes to the IDE in the form of a new color scheme, new toolbar icons and progress bars. Aside from aesthetics, some of the programming language has changed and the company made improvements to several software libraries.

For a complete list of the changes, check out the release notes. Also, head on over to the Arduino site to download version 1.0.

Hopefully with all of these changes we can see even more awesome Arduino powered projects and gadgets emerge. If you make anything cool and geeky with the new Arduino software, be sure to send it our way. I for one can’t get enough.

[Arduino Blog via The Verge]

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December 19, 2011 at 9:28 pm

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